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Nan Barker, River Bend Middle School, Claremont, North Carolina

A Wrinkle in Time


‘C’ level- maximum 60 pts.

1. Read book as assigned and participate in class discussion. 5pts.

2. Completed all study guides 5 pts.

3. Completed all Writing Forum assignments- 1 paragraph each 5 pts.

4. Make a crossword puzzle using 20 vocabulary words ( 5 pts.

5. Choose two characters from the book and complete a character trait map for each of them, using page numbers of supporting details from the book. 10 pts.

6. Find in the book, copy, and label 3 examples of each of these literary elements: metaphor, simile, hyperbole, alliteration, onomatopeia. 5 pts.

7. Make a colorful and creative “movie” poster of this book; what actors would play each part? 10 pts.

8. Pass with at least a 77 all quizzes on this book. 5 pts.

9. Make a comparison/contrast chart on Calvin and Charles Wallace. 5 pts.

10. Make a plot hill of the events of this book. Include the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. (This will need to be done after the book is finished.) 5 pts.

11. Write a descriptive paper describing the planet Uriel. Must be at least 5 paragraphs. 10 pts.

12. Write a poem expressing what you believe is the theme of this book. 5 pts.

‘B’ level- choose one- worth 25 pts.

Choose one of the “fighters of evil” mentioned at the end of Chapter 5 and study the work of that person. Write a 500 word report about how the contributions of this famous “fighter” has helped combat evil in the world.

Pretend you are Meg and write a letter to Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which telling them how you feel about having overcome IT and how this experience has changed your life.

‘A’ level- worth 25 pts. Choose one.

1. Much of the action in this book takes place on other planets. Ms. L’Engle has used lots of creativity and imagination to create and people these planets. Now it’s your turn! Design and draw a three-fold brochure describing and promoting a new, made-up planet (imagine you are a travel agent, trying to get tourists to visit.) You can even use a real travel brochure as a model. This should be colorful and creative.

2. Choose three of Mrs. Whatsit’s quotations from A Wrinkle in Time and write a discussion about how they relate to the major themes in the novel. Must be at least 5 paragraphs, typed and double-spaced.

C= 40-60pts. B= 61-85 A= 86-100 A+= 100-110