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Indians of North America Layered Curriculum

Marilyn Washington

Lake Elementary

St. Amant, La.

Objectives: The learner will be able to give examples of early cultures and settlements that existed in North America prior to contact with Europeans (H-1B-M1). The learner will be able to identify and compare historic Indian groups of the East, Southwest, Northwest, Artic, Great Plains, and Eastern Woodlands regions at the beginning of European exploration - The learner will be able to describe the origins and expansion of ancient American empires (i.e. Inca, Maya) and complex societies in the Americas (e.g. Aztec)

Level C

Choose 1 from 1-3  (5 pts)
1.     Participate in lecture and complete notes
2.    Listen to notes on tape and respond to questions
3.    Participate and complete activities in a Literature circle.

Choose 1 from 4-7 (5pts)
4.    Make vocabulary flash cards. 
5.    Create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary words
6.    Record your vocabulary words and their meaning on tape.
7.    Use the vocabulary words in sentences.

**Everyone will complete 8, 9, 10,11 (10 pts each)
8.    Use a graphic organizer to compare and contrast the Incas, Mayas and the Aztecs.

9.    Compare the various historic Indian groups discussed in our lecture.

10.    Make a poster or powerpoint that gives examples of early cultures and settlements that existed in North America before the Europeans came.

11.    Complete two of the assigned worksheets

Choose 2 from 12-16  (10 pts each)
12.    Design  totem pole.

13.    Design an Indian paper doll that reflects early culture.

14.    Choose an Indian tribe and compose a song to describe them.

15.    Design an invitation  that explains what a potlatch is and invites others to share in one with you.

16.    Design an ethnic Indian costume.

***Everyone does #17  (15 pts.)
17.    Create an Indians of North America booklet.  You should have a cover page and back page.  In the booklet include each region and write about the Native Americans that lived in that region.  You may use a variety of resources to complete this assignment.

***Everyone takes one form of the written test
18.    Written Test—(100 pts. Not included on grading scale) 

Level B  Choose 1 from 1-2 and 1 from 3-4: (15 pts each)

1.    Create a Native American board game.  Follow instructions on handout.  (15pts)

2.    Create an American Indian leather painting.  Follow instructions on handout.

3.    Imagine you are a member of an Iroquois tribe. Write a speech to get  people to join the confederation.

4.      Imagine that you are a member of the Hopi tribe who is living through a drought.  Write a letter to a friend that describes how the drought is affecting your life. 

Level A Choose 1 (20 pts )
1.    Were the Americans Indians abused?
2.    Summarize 2 recent magazine, journal or internet articles on Indians.

Grading Scale: 118-135 = A
92-117    B
70-92    C
49-69    D
Below 49 = F