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Nan Barker, River Bend Middle School, Claremont, North Carolina

A Christmas Carol

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‘C’ Level- maximum 65 pts.

*1. Read along in book and participate in class discussion. 5 pts.

*2. Correctly complete Study Guides for Staves 1-5. 10 pts.

*3. Write 5-paragraph clarification paper on “ My Favorite Christmas”; must be in final draft form. 15 pts.

4. Choose two characters from the book and complete a character analysis web on each. This must include page numbers supporting the character traits given to each character. Then write a 1-page letter from ONE of them which demonstrates these traits. 15 pts.

Write a 2-3 sentence summary of each stave. 5 pts.

Complete a multi-flow thinking map showing the cause and effect for Scrooge’s behavior in the book. 10 pts.

Find and label 3 examples for each kind of figures of speech : metaphors, similes, symbolism, alliteration, & hyperbole. 15 pts.

Make vocabulary flash cards for 10 words in each stave. 15 pts.

Create an electroboard matching vocabulary in the book with its definition. 10 pts.

Write a diary entry that Scrooge might have written at the end of each stave. Must be at least 10 sentences each. 5 pts

. Copy one paragraph ( at least 5 sentences) from the book, and identify all nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverb, and prepositions. Underline subjects once and predicates twice. 5 pts.

Interview and graph (bar graph) 20 people to find out their favorite thing about Christmas. Give them only 5 things to pick from. 5 pts.

Make a comparison/contrast poster on Christmas in the 1800s and now. Include presents, decorations, food, traditions. Tell where you got your information This must be neat, colorful, and complete. 10 pts

. ‘B’ level- Choose one. Worth 20 pts.

1. With a partner, dramatize a scene from the book and videotape it. Use costumes, props, and original language. Both students must have equal roles.

2.Write an alternative ending for the book. Be prepared to defend your ending. The ending must be at least 2 hand-written pages long.

3. Do a book report using Powerpoint. Include plot elements, characters, theme. Must have at least 10 slides, 5 with clipart and animation. Include background info on Dickens.

‘A’ level- Choose one. Worth 20 pts.

1. Research the origins of Christmas traditions, such as the Christmas tree, cards, wrapping presents, and foods. Include the history of Santa Claus. Must be at least 4 pages, hand-written, or 2 pages, double-spaced, typed. Include at least one illustration.

2. Write a 3- page essay on the Response sheet given to you by your teacher. Choose one quote from each stave to focus on. Must be in final draft form.

3. “Christmas was celebrated better in Dickens’ time than it is now.” Agree or disagree? Write a 4-page essay, supporting all points with examples, quotes, etc. Be prepared to show your sources. OR make a Powerpoint presentation on this topic. * These activities are required of all students.

Grading: 86-100= A 71-85= B 55-70= C 40-54= D